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As an SEO agency, we have specialized exclusively in B2B industrial companies for 5 years. With professional search engine optimization, we make your industrial company visible online for buyers and major customers in a sustainable way and independently of paid advertising.

Search engine optimization, especially for industrial companies

Services in the field of industrial SEO

As an industrial company, we offer you a range of customized SEO services.

Monthly SEO-Service

Expand visibility and become a digital brand with the help of SEO and content marketing.

Projectbased Industrial-SEO

Become organically visible with your offer and receive more qualified inquiries via Google and Bing.

Industrial SEO-Consulting

Hourly or project-based SEO consulting for SMEs, personally from experienced B2B SEO consultant Robert Siegers.

The process of working with an industry SEO agency

Our industry SEO solutions

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Audit, Strategy & Technical

We record your website status quo in a comprehensive SEO audit. The SEO strategy is then drawn up on this basis.

Keyword, Competition & Content Analysis

The monthly SEO analysis includes keyword, competitor and content analysis for all relevant topics.

SEO Briefings & Structure of Pages

Based on the topic analysis, the page structure and all content are planned down to the last detail every month in briefings.


Our copywriters specialize in B2B and industry topics and write professional web content tailored to your target group.

Embedding, Publishing & Indexing

Written content is implemented in your website's HTML code in a search engine-friendly way and prepared for indexing.

Linkbuilding & Digital PR

Once all on-page optimizations have been completed, we ensure that your site gains trust in off-page SEO with strong link building and PR partners.

Why should you work with an industrial SEO agency?

Become visible with your industrial company thanks to SEO and achieve higher capacity utilization

Industry 4.0, digitalization, Internet of Things (IoT) – these are all terms that underline the modern transformation of industry. Today, it’s not just B2C companies that engage in online marketing – search engine optimization is also an effective way to land major contracts in many B2B sectors.

For industrial companies, SEO is an effective way to build digital relevance:

  1. Targeted order acquisition to guarantee capacity utilization: Industrial SEO allows industrial companies to focus on specific keywords and phrases that are actively used by potential key accounts and strategic buyers in search engines. By optimizing for relevant search terms, we position your company right in front of the eyes of industrial buyers looking for your products or services. This means more contact inquiries and more business turnover for you.

  2. Demonstrate industry expertise: With a well-thought-out SEO strategy, you as an industrial company can not only be found, but also be perceived as an expert in your industry. Through high-quality content and targeted optimization for B2B target groups, we show that your industrial company not only offers products or services, but also has in-depth expertise. This not only makes you visible in a world flooded with knowledge, but also underlines your relevance as an industry authority.

  3. Long-term visibility and independence from advertising: In contrast to paid advertising measures, SEO offers long-term and, above all, sustainable visibility. For many industrial companies, once well positioned, your company will remain organically present in the search results. This is because industrial manufacturing companies in particular produce and sell established products and are not constantly changing.
    This not only means a continuous presence, but also independence from ongoing advertising costs.

In which case you should work with an industry SEO agency

For which industries is SEO suitable?

In our XXL SEO study, we analyzed the websites of 1,900 B2B companies from various industries.

SEO is particularly suitable for industrial companies that manufacture or sell scalable products, already have a strong link profile due to a long market presence and where online marketing competition is still low due to a lack of know-how and resources.

Industrial manufacturers & distributors

Industrial Service Provider

Specific challenges in the SEO of industrial companies

Search engine optimization (SEO) for industrial companies differs significantly from that of B2C companies, for example, due to various specific factors:

Complex products that require explanation

Industrial companies are characterized by offering complex products and services that require explanation. The description and presentation of these products requires a differentiated approach. SEO-relevant content must therefore be geared towards this. A deep understanding of the industrial sector and its technical aspects is essential on the part of the SEO partner in order to create relevant and convincing content that can be found and understood by both search engines and the target group.

Long sales cycles

Another decisive factor is the industry’s long sales cycles. The decision-making processes are complex, as several departments and decision-makers are involved. Therefore, the SEO strategy for industrial companies requires a continuous presence over an extended period of time to guide potential customers through the entire decision-making process. This requires careful targeting of content to different stages of the sales cycle, from information gathering to the final purchase decision.

Global reach and multilingualism

The global reach and often multilingualism of the target groups of industrial companies is another important aspect. As these companies often operate worldwide, SEO strategies must be geared towards being visible and understandable in different regions and markets as well as in multiple languages. Taking cultural differences, language styles and regional search habits into account is crucial here.

Consistent capacity utilization and machine park limits

In addition, industrial companies often have extensive machine fleets with fixed utilization limits. The right number of inquiries at the right time can be a relevant factor in campaign design. Optimizing for local search queries and targeted keywords can help maximize utilization and target potential customers in the immediate vicinity.

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Where do industrial customers do their research before purchasing?

As a result of the generational shift, B2B prospects, strategic buyers, engineers and technicians are increasingly searching for products or services online. In particular, they are using search engines such as Google and also visiting the websites of manufacturers or retailers.

*State of Marketing to Engineers 2022 | TREWMarketing / Global Spec; Smart Marketing for Engineers Report Europe 2017 | TREWMarketing / elektorBusiness

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