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As a B2B-SEO-agency, we make your industrial company visible to buyers online with professional search engine optimization that is sustainable and independent of paid advertising.

What we can offer your B2B company

Our B2B SEO services in detail

We offer you a complete range of services for professional search engine optimization as a B2B company.

Monthly SEO-Service

Expand visibility and become a digital brand with the help of SEO and content marketing.

Projectbased Industrial-SEO

Become organically visible with your offer and receive more qualified inquiries via Google and Bing.

Industrial SEO-Consulting

Hourly or project-based SEO consulting for SMEs, personally from experienced B2B SEO consultant Robert Siegers.

The process of working with a B2B SEO agency

What is the process for B2B SEO?

Search Engine Marketing von Siegers Media

Audit, Strategy & Technical

We record your website status quo in a comprehensive SEO audit. The SEO strategy is then drawn up on this basis.

Keyword, Competition & Content Analysis

The monthly SEO analysis includes keyword, competitor and content analysis for all relevant topics.

SEO Briefings & Structure of Pages

Based on the topic analysis, the page structure and all content are planned down to the last detail every month in briefings.


Our copywriters specialize in B2B and industry topics and write professional web content tailored to your target group.

Embedding, Publishing & Indexing

Written content is implemented in your website's HTML code in a search engine-friendly way and prepared for indexing.

Linkbuilding & Digital PR

Once all on-page optimizations have been completed, we ensure that your site gains trust in off-page SEO with strong link building and PR partners.

Why should your company work with a B2B SEO agency?

B2B SEO works differently: we evaluated 1,900+ B2B websites for 2 years

Why is SEO particularly attractive for B2B companies?

Over the past two years, our analysis of more than 1,900 B2B industry websites has allowed us to pinpoint why SEO is particularly attractive for some B2B companies and why others are better off using alternative marketing measures.

There are three main reasons why SEO is particularly profitable in the B2B sector today:

  1. B2B companies have a scalable business model. Such companies can produce and distribute their products and services on a large scale. Examples include IT and SaaS companies as well as IT service providers with a large number of employees, manufacturers of industrial materials, retailers and companies in B2B e-commerce.

  2. Companies in industries where (online) competition is low. Some industries still have few competitors that practice professional SEO. Traditional companies in various niches often lack IT or marketing expertise, which means that SEO is still untapped territory. These include material manufacturers, retailers and companies in B2B e-commerce.

  3. B2B companies and family businesses that have been active on the market for many years often created their own websites back in the early 2000s. These long-standing sites, which were originally used to present the company, are now highly trusted by Google due to their strong link profile. This provides ideal conditions for building SEO content. Examples include manufacturers and retailers in the metal and plastics industry as well as in B2B e-commerce.
B2B SEO Study

1 XXL study, 9 industries, 1,900 companies

Our XXL analysis focused on 1,900 industrial companies in nine different sectors that are based exclusively in the D-A-CH region. Here is a list of the industry shares, starting with the largest:

  • Industry and mechanical engineering with 23.7
  • Metal and material production with 21.1 %
  • B2B e-commerce with 17.4
  • Chemicals and plastics with 15.8%
  • Industrial services such as material handling and processing with 10.5
  • Energy and environmental technology with 4.5
  • Logistics and packaging with 2.9
  • IT and SaaS with 2.6%
  • Medical technology with 1.6%

SEO is worthwhile for these B2B sectors

Over the past two years, we have conducted personal interviews with managing directors and employees from the marketing, sales and product development departments in all of the sectors surveyed in order to determine the need for online marketing services, particularly SEO. In the course of these discussions, a clear picture emerged:

SEO proves to be particularly attractive for companies that:

  • Have a scalable business model.
  • Are only exposed to low competitive pressure online.
  • Have had a website for a long time and are well connected digitally.
  • Such companies can be found, for example, in the IT and SaaS companies, B2B e-commerce, materials trading and industrial manufacturers sectors.

SEO is also potentially attractive for companies that:

  • Are exposed to a slightly higher level of online competition.
  • Work with medium and low margins.
  • These include industries such as plastics & 3D technologies, logistics, packaging and promotional products companies.
Results of analyzing 1900 B2B Websites

When you should work with a B2B SEO agency

Who is B2B search engine optimization suitable for?

B2B SEO is suitable for all industrial companies that want to be visible to buyers online. In contrast to paid advertising (B2B Google Ads), you no longer have to plan a large advertising budget that is due on a regular basis. As a B2B SEO agency, we ensure that you are visible to your buyers and customers online in the long term and independently of paid advertising as part of SEO support.

Becoming digitally visible

Reduce costs in the long term

Studies on search engine optimization for B2B companies

Where do B2B searchers do their research before buying?

As a result of the generational shift, B2B searchers, strategic buyers, engineers and technicians are gathering information online when they are looking for a product or service. They primarily use search engines such as Google for this purpose. They also visit the manufacturer or retailer website.

*State of Marketing to Engineers 2022 | TREWMarketing / Global Spec; Smart Marketing for Engineers Report Europe 2017 | TREWMarketing / elektorBusiness

Search engine (Google, Bing)
Manufacturer-/Distributor Website
Social Media
Trade fairs/conferences

Corporate customers from various B2B sectors

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Frequently asked questions

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The process of SEO always has the goal of making a website visible to the searching user in a search engine (usually Google).

As searchers almost always click on a result on the first page, the goal of SEO is always the first page of Google results. Since B2B industrial companies still tend to rely relatively little on professional search engine optimization, there is a lot of untapped potential here.

In most cases, it is the product or overview pages of industrial companies that can be profitably optimized for the search engine.

In online marketing, we are dealing with people, which we often forget. For this reason, we can never be 100% certain that measures will work. A suitable offer for a target group with a need is always the basic prerequisite. Our promise to you is therefore to always work conscientiously and with the latest knowledge in the field of web optimization. Our wealth of experience from completed projects always flows into our work so that we can make even better decisions for our customers and their campaigns.
SEO is a long-term measure where the first results can usually be expected between three and nine months.

  • With search engine advertising (SEA), you only get new customers for your products/services as long as the ads are running. And they only do this as long as you pay Google. If you stop the payment flow at any time, the search engine will no longer bring you new visitors. However, Google Ads provides you with immediate results and visibility with searchers.
  • SEO, on the other hand, only leads to new visitors slowly at first. However, once you have taken the positions in the search engine, the flow of potential new customers for your products will remain for months to years. Keep in mind that the market, the search algorithm or your product range may change, which means that new SEO adjustments need to be made. In principle, however, you are independent of further expenditure with SEO.

Professional search engine optimization is a very extensive process that usually involves several employees.

The complete optimization process takes between 2 and 4 months for a one-off optimization project of medium size, with an investment of around 1,500 to 2,500 euros per month.

In an average of 50 to 100 working hours, a comprehensive keyword and competitor analysis must be carried out, author briefings prepared, texts written and then placed online.

Many of our clients pursue long-term SEO strategies that extend over several years. In this way, they grow into omnipresent digital brands that are visible throughout their customers’ entire customer journey.

There are agencies that do SEO like this:

  1. Throw website into analysis tool
  2. Download the report as a PDF
  3. Selling to the customer

That’s not SEO. Not even rudimentary. Such an approach can be beneficial as part of a technical analysis for particularly large websites with several thousand subpages. For most companies, however, these SEO reports are of no use.

When looking for an excellent agency, always ask how they work and what their approach to search engine optimization is.

Yes, monthly SEO service is particularly interesting for companies that are aiming for long-term growth in a digital world.

We provide you with monthly support and continuously expand your site.

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