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Whether from scratch or as a relaunch support – we build the perfect B2B website for your industrial company that looks great and generates new customer inquiries.

Website development, especially for industrial companies

Impressive B2B web design as a complete package

As an industrial company, we offer you a range of customized web design services.

Modern, Responsive Design

We develop a timeless and functional design for your website that is optimized for mobile and desktop devices.

Technically Clean Programming

Your new website is developed quickly and using the latest technology.

Texts By B2B Industry Authors

Our authors and content writers specialize in creating website texts for the B2B industry.

Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO)

Thanks to B2B SEO, your target customers will find your website in search engines such as Google, Bing & Co. when they search for your offer.

Conversion-Optimization (CRO)

Your new website will be optimized for conversion goals such as customer inquiries or product sales from the industry.

Do Your Own Adjustments Afterwards

After the website launch, you retain control: you can easily make your own adjustments to your website at any time.

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Why is B2B web design so important?

Why industrial companies should rely on B2B web design

An impressive and functional B2B website plays a decisive role in the online presence of industrial companies today. Three reasons why B2B companies should definitely have a modern website today:

1. Targeted new customer acquisition through online presence: 89% of all product research in the B2B sector today begins online. An appealing online presence is therefore essential for attracting new customer inquiries. A well thought-out web design is the fundamental building block for industrial companies to attract potential customers through user-friendly websites and to make information about their products and services easily accessible.

2. Effective product presentation for existing customers and suppliers: Today, existing customers and suppliers also look for information about your products online. They look for detailed information, technical data sheets and instructions for your products on your website.

3. Professional external image for greater competitiveness: your competition never sleeps. Due to the generational shift, more and more B2B companies are opting for a professional, digital presence. This is not without reason: B2B web design contributes significantly to a company’s external image and thus strengthens its competitiveness. An aesthetically pleasing, functional website conveys seriousness and competence, which in turn strengthens the trust of potential customers and business partners.

Are you following suit, or are you letting yourself be left behind by your competitors who already have a new B2B website?

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How our B2B web design process works

With us, you get the full web design package. We provide you with all-round support, from the design concept to content creation and going live. Our complete web design package includes a total of eight modules:

In the onboarding workshop, we want to get to know your ideas and preferences for the new website in detail. In a briefing, we record all specifications in writing and graphically.

We also discuss the roadmap for the upcoming search engine optimization.

In the second step, design proposals and the website concept are created on the basis of all the information from onboarding.

There are a maximum of two feedback loops.

Once the design has been finalized, we develop the SEO strategy so that your site can be found by your target customers for your offer after the launch.

We set up the keyword mapping, analyze the most important topics of your offer and create content briefings for the further text creation of the technical authors.

There is a feedback loop on the content briefings.

The next step is the technical setup of the final sitemap. This step takes place in close coordination with the SEO strategy.

In addition, our authors specializing in industry topics now write the texts for your new website.

Another feedback loop on the texts takes place here.

The fifth step is all about designing demonstration models, so-called mock-ups.

Together with the targeted screen design, you now get an impression of what your finished website will look like.

This is where we need final feedback before we start with the final development.

The mock-ups and design proposals are exactly as you imagined?

Great! Then we’ll develop your website now.

Once everything is set up, we test your new site in different browsers and on various end devices.

The site then goes live.

Of course, we won’t let you down after the launch of your new B2B website.

Now it’s all about making your new site visible.

We will support you with workshops or comprehensive SEO content management. This way, you can grow into a real digital brand with an online presence.

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Answers from our B2B web design agency

Frequently asked questions about B2B web design

The costs depend on the individual project effort. The project cost refers specifically to the number of subpages that your website will comprise.

The costs for subsequent marketing such as search engine optimization also vary.

Subsequent monthly content support is more expensive than a one-off optimization.

As a general rule, industrial companies should budget between €10,000 and €30,000 for a new website.

If you arrange an initial consultation, we will contact you personally at the agreed time.

In a pleasant conversation, you will tell us about your wishes and ideas. We are interested in what goals you are pursuing with your new site and what your site should offer.

We are also interested in what features and special functions, such as a virtual tour, a booking system or other interfaces, would be of interest to you.

Yes, in addition to ready-made B2B websites, we are primarily specialized in organic search engine optimization.

Thanks to our specialization, we can guarantee you and your company that your site will not only look good, but also really contribute to new customer inquiries and thus to additional sales.

The duration of a B2B web design project for your industrial company can vary depending on various factors, including

  1. Scope of the project: The size and complexity of the website are key factors. A simple informational website with a few subpages may take less time than an extensive e-commerce platform with many features.
  2. Customization and specifications: The more specific the design and feature requirements are, the longer it may take to implement. Customized functions require additional development time.
  3. Communication and feedback: The efficiency of communication between your company and the web designer/agency can influence the project time. Regular feedback and clear instructions help to avoid delays. However, thanks to our project experience over the years, we have developed clear processes with feedback loops to keep things running smoothly.
  4. Content creation: Content creation can also take time and extend the project time, especially if it does not yet exist and needs to be created.


In general, a B2B web design project for an industrial company can take anywhere from several weeks to several months. To get an exact time estimate, please contact us for a free initial consultation!

In addition to B2B web design, we have specialized in search engine optimization for years.

Accordingly, a well thought-out SEO strategy is part of our offer.

Your new website will be found by your target customers thanks to the implemented SEO measures.

If required, we can also offer you comprehensive content and SEO service on a monthly basis. This way, you will be found by potential customers along the entire customer journey.

Various conversion elements should always be included on a good B2B website.

These include call-to-actions (CTAs) in various places, a personal contact person and often a technical data sheet for the core products.

You can find a complete overview of what should be included on an ideal B2B industry website in our comprehensive guide article on B2B websites.

Yes, we work with a simple content management system (CMS). We use this to design and develop your website. Changes and minor maintenance work can easily be carried out by yourself afterwards.

Here are 8 points on what the ideal B2B website should look like:

A particularly good B2B website is characterized by several decisive features that help to arouse the interest of potential customers, employees or cooperation partners and increase the conversion rate.

  1. Clear objectives and communication of benefits: The website of an industrial company should clearly communicate which products or services the company specifically offers and what benefits they have for potential customers. B2B offers are usually complex and require explanation. They should therefore be presented in a concise and understandable way.

  2. User-friendly design and navigation: A good B2B website should offer intuitive navigation and a user-friendly design that makes it easy for visitors to find their way around the website and find the information they need quickly. The magic word here is functionality.

  3. Compelling content: High-quality content such as informative blog posts, case studies, customer reviews and whitepapers can help to gain the trust of potential customers and convince them of the company’s products or services. We work specifically with authors who specialize exclusively in B2B industry topics.

  4. Responsive design: Since many B2B customers now conduct their research and decision-making via mobile devices, it is important that the website works well on all devices and screen sizes and has an appealing responsive design.

  5. Clear call-to-actions: The website should include clear calls-to-action that encourage visitors to take further action, such as filling out a contact form, downloading resources or requesting a quote. Check out our article on the perfect B2B website for all the key elements, including CTAs, that no industry website should be without.

  6. Trustworthy elements: Elements such as customer references, certifications, partnerships and awards can strengthen visitors’ trust and increase their willingness to work with the company.

  7. Optimization for search engines (SEO): A good B2B website should be optimized for relevant search terms in order to achieve good visibility in search results and attract potential customers. Since 2018, we have specialized in precisely such websites that meet the requirements of a B2B SEO strategy.

  8. Analysis and optimization: It is important to regularly analyze the performance of the website and continuously optimize it based on data and analysis in order to improve the conversion rate and optimize the user experience.

By taking these points into account, a B2B website can help to strengthen the brand, gain the trust of potential customers and build long-term business relationships.

Free web design consultation

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