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More visibility, more leads, more sales through SEO consulting for B2B

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Our SEO consulting services for B2B & SMEs

We offer a specialized range of services related to organic search engine optimization for B2B companies.

Ongoing SEO support

Use SEO and content marketing to sustainably increase visibility and become a digital brand.

Project-Based B2B SEO

Become organically visible with your offer and receive more qualified inquiries via Google and Bing.

The process of working with a B2B SEO consultant

How does B2B SEO consulting work?

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Audit, Strategy & Technical

We record your website status quo in a comprehensive SEO audit. The SEO strategy is then drawn up on this basis.

Keyword, Competition & Content Analysis

The monthly SEO analysis includes keyword, competitor and content analysis for all relevant topics.

SEO Briefings & Structure of Pages

Based on the topic analysis, the page structure and all content are planned down to the last detail every month in briefings.


Our copywriters specialize in B2B and industry topics and write professional web content tailored to your target group.

Embedding, Publishing & Indexing

Written content is implemented in your website's HTML code in a search engine-friendly way and prepared for indexing.

Linkbuilding & Digital PR

Once all on-page optimizations have been completed, we ensure that your site gains trust in off-page SEO with strong link building and PR partners.

Siegers Media: B2B SEO consulting with 5+ years of experience

Right by your side: B2B SEO consultant Robert Siegers

Siegers Media owner Robert Siegers is your permanent personal advisor for all our SEO projects. Robert has been supporting various companies with organic search engine optimization since 2018. Since 2020, the focus of his work has been on online lead generation for industrial companies.

Robert Siegers
B2B SEO-Consultant & Projectmanagement
Why should your company seek advice on B2B SEO?

B2B SEO works differently: We evaluated 1,900+ B2B websites

Why SEO is so attractive for B2B companies

During our evaluation of over 1,900 websites of B2B industrial companies over the last 2 years, we have been able to precisely determine why SEO is particularly attractive for some B2B companies and why some companies should rather rely on other marketing measures.

3 reasons why SEO is so attractive for B2B:

  1. B2B companies have a scalable business model. Products and services can be produced and distributed on a large scale. Examples include IT and SaaS companies as well as IT service providers with many employees, material manufacturers, retailers and B2B e-commerce companies.
  2. Competition is low for many industrial companies. In some sectors, there are still only a few market competitors that carry out professional SEO themselves. Traditional companies in various niches also have neither IT nor marketing expertise themselves, meaning that SEO is still a green field in some cases. These include material manufacturers and retailers as well as B2B e-commerce companies.
  3. B2B companies and family businesses that have been active on the market for a particularly long time often already had their own websites in the early 2000s. These long-standing sites, which once served solely to present the company, are now highly trusted by Google thanks to their strong trust link profile. These domains have a very favorable starting position for the development of SEO content. Examples of this are industrial manufacturers and dealers from the metal and plastics sector as well as B2B e-commerce.
B2B SEO Study

1,900 companies from 9 industry sectors under the microscope

We focused our analysis on a total of 1,900 industrial companies from 9 sectors. This exclusively includes companies from the D-A-CH region. The industry shares follow in descending order of size:

  • Industry and mechanical engineering with 23.7 %
  • Metal and material production with 21.1 %
  • B2B e-commerce with 17.4 %
  • Chemicals and plastics with 15.8 %
  • Industrial services such as material handling and processing with 10.5 %
  • Energy and environmental technology with 4.5 %
  • Logistics and packaging with 2.9 %
  • IT and SaaS with 2.6 %
  • Medical technology with 1.6 %

B2B industries for which SEO is still really worthwhile today

We spoke personally with managing directors and employees from the areas of marketing, sales and product development in all of the industries surveyed and asked them about the demand situation for online marketing services, in particular SEO. A clear picture emerged in the course of the discussions:

SEO is unattractive for companies that:

  • Operate in a small niche and are already well networked with each other
  • Do not have a scalable business model
  • Whose target group does not research online and relies on offline sales models
  • These include medical, dental & laboratory technology, industrial services, energy & environmental technology, industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals

SEO is potentially attractive for companies that:

  • Are exposed to high competitive pressure online
  • Have low margins
  • These include plastics & 3D technologies, logistics and packaging & advertising companies

SEO is attractive for companies that:

  • Have a scalable business model
  • Have low competitive pressure online
  • Have had a website online for a long time and are digitally networked
  • These include IT and SaaS companies, B2B e-commerce, materials trading and industrial manufacturers
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Answers from our B2B SEO agency

FAQ about our B2B SEO consulting

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which describes the process by which the main goal is pursued to optimize a website so that it becomes visible to searching users in search engines, usually Google.

Since almost all search users tend to click on the first page of search results, the declared goal of SEO is always to reach the top positions in Google search results. As a rule, B2B industrial companies still place comparatively little value on professional search engine optimization, which means that there is often considerable untapped potential here.

These are often product or overview pages of industrial companies that are particularly worthwhile for search engine optimization.

In the field of online marketing, we are in direct contact with people, and that is something we occasionally lose sight of.

For this reason, we can never be 100% certain that our measures will be successful. An essential prerequisite for this is a suitable offer that meets the needs of the target group.

Our promise to you is that we always work conscientiously and with the latest knowledge in the field of web optimization. Our experience from completed projects is continuously incorporated into our work so that we can make even better decisions for our customers and their campaigns.

SEO is a long-term strategy where the first results can usually be expected within three to nine months.

Usually not. Advice is often provided on a one-off basis, but sometimes also as an accompaniment. However, it should be noted that internal capacities such as an editor, an author and ideally a marketing contact person must be provided for SEO consulting.

The choice always depends on your specific requirements, goals and budget.

For larger companies and corporations, a consultancy is often more of a lever because many internal capacities can be provided. Smaller companies and SMEs should rather use an SEO agency to outsource capacities.

Especially for B2B companies such as industrial manufacturers, distributors and B2B service providers, organic search engine optimization offers significant advantages.

The advantages of SEO in this context are:

B2B SMEs have ideal conditions for search engine optimization. Why?

Most of our industrial clients have been operating websites for decades and already enjoy a high level of trust from Google. Buyers and B2B searchers often have clear purchasing intentions during their online research, which only need to be fulfilled by a suitable offer.

SEO is a long-term strategy. With proper optimization, websites can remain in the top positions on Google for months to years. This is especially true for B2B companies where products are rarely or never changed.

Professional search engine optimization is an extremely comprehensive process that usually requires the collaboration of several experts such as SEO managers, editors, PR managers and authors.

The total optimization time for one-off projects of medium size is usually between 2 and 4 months, with monthly costs of around 1,500 to 2,500 euros.

In around 50 to 100 working hours, a detailed keyword and competition analysis is carried out, author briefings are created, texts are written and finally published online.

Companies that pursue SEO in the long term have us look after them for several years. This allows them to grow into a well-known digital brand.

To be fair, of course, we have to say that we are providing this answer from the perspective of an SEO agency ourselves 😉

Let’s put it this way: there are agencies that carry out SEO in roughly the following way:

  1. The website is packed into an analysis tool.
  2. A report is created as a PDF.
  3. This report is presented to the customer and sold.

It is obvious that this has nothing to do with professional SEO. This approach can be useful in certain cases as part of a technical analysis for very large websites with thousands of subpages. For most companies, however, such SEO reports are of little use.

Always ask your agency about the specific approach. What does the proposed SEO strategy look like? Does it consist of a content strategy and a link building strategy? Which KPIs will be used as long-term objectives?

Yes, SEO support is particularly interesting for B2B companies that are aiming for long-term growth to become a digital brand.

We provide you with ongoing monthly support and continuously expand your site.

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