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Search engine marketing (SEO and Google Ads) for small and medium-sized B2B companies

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Our services in B2B search enginemarketing

We only do search engine marketing for B2B companies. We offer the following packages for SEO and Google Adwords optimization:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Become organically visible in the long term and strengthen your digital brand

Monthly SEO Service

The ultimate goal: remaining visible in the long term and becoming a digital brand.

SEO Consulting for B2B

SEO strategy consulting, especially for B2B companies and service providers.

B2B Marketing Consulting

Still unsure which strategy is best for your B2B company?

Google Ads (SEA)

Quickly receive initial inquiries for your B2B products and services.

Monthly Google Ads Service

Optimize Google Ads campaigns sustainably, reduce click prices and receive qualified inquiries.

Highly specialized

SEO and SEA only

We are not a full service provider. For several years, we have focused exclusively on what works for our customers: SEO and Google Ads (SEA).


Specialized in B2B

We know SMEs and specialize in: online visibility & qualified new customers, despite complex offers, low-volume search queries and long sales cycles.


Long-term growth

We are no friends of “mayflies”. We want to be the companion for the development of your digital brand and accompany you in your long-term growth.

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Answers from our B2B marketing agency

Frequently asked questions about our B2B SEO services

We will contact you personally at the agreed time.

In a pleasant conversation, we will see whether our method offers potential for your company. We will ask you questions about your products and marketing goals. What problems are you currently facing? What marketing measures have you already taken and what has worked? How are your competitors positioned?

As part of a non-binding initial analysis, we will then take a look at your individual situation based on your answers. We go through your strongest market competitors and identify possible potential and opportunities.

If we see potential in your company, we will offer you the opportunity to work with us.

Yes, we only offer SEA (Google Ads) and SEO (search engine optimization) for small and medium-sized companies. Thanks to our specializations, we can guarantee you and your company real top performance.

At a time when full-service agencies are a dime a dozen and the disciplines in online marketing are becoming increasingly specialized, we have decided to maintain and constantly improve our focus on search engine marketing. That’s why: We only do SEO and SEA for SMEs.

We leave the others to us:

  • Store development
  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing automation

In online marketing, we are dealing with people, which we often forget. For this reason, we can never be 100% certain that measures will work. A suitable offer for a target group with a need is always the basic prerequisite. Our promise to you is therefore to always work conscientiously and with the latest knowledge in the field of web optimization. Our wealth of experience from completed projects always flows into our work so that we can make even better decisions for our customers and their campaigns.

Yes, many of our customers sell across Europe and around the world. In this case, we also plan the campaigns and their content in several languages. Our team speaks German and English. For multilingual marketing campaigns, a process of translation software in combination with text control by a native speaker has proven its worth.

SEO is significantly more complex than Google Ads.

However, if this process is taken seriously, a return on investment (ROI) of several hundred percent can be achieved. Inbound online marketing has the advantage that customers become aware of your company and make inquiries of their own accord, which makes them particularly qualified.

You can find the process for Google Adwords (SEA) here. For the SEO process, please click here.

When working with a search engine marketing agency, you should expect average costs of between 1000.00 and 5000.00 euros per month. The costs always depend on the project effort.

Online marketing has its price and there is a reason for this: The process of search engine optimization, which includes keyword and competitor analysis, planning landing pages, writing texts and final publishing of content, requires between 50 and 100 working hours and 2 to 3 employees for a medium-sized project. Google Ads is somewhat less time-consuming.

But the effort is worth it! As a rule, the average costs per new customer (lead) generated by the online marketing measures are significantly lower than the average inquiry value.

Kosten für einen Lead bei einer B2B Online Marketing Agentur

(All values in the table are examples and are for illustrative purposes only. Profit margin and customer lifetime value have not been included in this example calculation for the sake of simplicity).

As a digital agency for inbound marketing, we like to exemplify our approach. We are an agile team that works completely remotely. So it doesn’t matter whether your company is based in Berlin, London, New York, Basel or Vienna. We are ready to work for you anywhere in the world.

We have digitized and systematized our entire work process so that we can support our customers from anywhere.

This is an outstanding and important question. In discussions with customers, we also regularly come into contact with skepticism expressed towards agency service providers. This is understandable, as there are many black sheep on the market. It is often not easy for outsiders to expose them.

We have put together a list of questions to help you make a good decision when looking for the right marketing service provider for your company:

  • Does the agency have a specialization (e.g. SEA / SEO) if you need one? Or are you really looking for full service and is that enough?
  • Was the agency itself easy to find on the internet (does it deliver what it promises)?
  • Does the inbound marketing agency provide references and case studies where you can see their experience?
  • Is the service provider’s work process completely transparent?
  • Listen to your gut feeling: Do you think that something is not right or that you are not being told about work or purchased services?

We are on hand to advise you and assist you with the implementation of Google Adwords and SEO. For B2B companies with their own marketing team, close cooperation between the operational marketing unit and our team is often recommended. You decide for yourself which tasks you want to keep in-house in marketing and which you want to hand over to us.

If you do not have your own marketing team or need support in the implementation of your marketing planning or execution, we are at your side as an executive service provider. We take over the entire process for Google Ads and SEO, from strategy planning and search engine optimization to content creation.

50+ Successful B2B-SEO Customer Projects

Case studies and results from various industries

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